Medicare Advantage Plans to Offer New Perks to Some Enrollees

The New York Times recently published an article entitled “Got Medicare Advantage? Prepare for New Perks — and New Questions.”  As explained in the article, historically, Medicare has not covered preventative care measures, such as home health aides, home safety devices (ie. grab bars and wheelchair ramps), and adult day care.  This may now be changing based on an official reinterpretation of the term “supplemental benefits” for Medicare Advantage.  The coverage of preventative care services will likely vary widely between the private insurance companies who offer Medicare Advantage plans, based on a number of factors. To determine whether you will benefit from any additional preventative care services, you will need to carefully analyze each particular plan to determine whether, or not, you are eligible for preventative care services and whether there are providers within the insurance company’s restricted network who offer such services in your community.

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