Family & Closely-Held Business

B&I PARTNERED PLANNING’s holistic perspective covers every aspect of business planning, including initial entity selection and formation, raising capital, commercial lending, vendor relationships, tax planning, real estate, intellectual property, and succession planning.

Our team members have decades of experience representing large and small companies at all stages of the corporate life cycle—from formation through sale. This perspective enables us to identify likely strategic and legal challenges well in advance and to help business owners find practical and efficient solutions.

Early-stage companies must grapple with entity selection, funding, employment and intellectual property issues, often with minimal working capital. Reliance on experienced and practical counsel can prevent early missteps that cost precious money and time.

Growth stage companies continue to face funding needs at the same time that expanding headcount and business volume require sustained executive focus. Again, the B&I PARTNERED PLANNING team is well-positioned to relieve that burden by supplying timely and practical advice to help you focus on the unique challenges of growing your business.

If your business is mature or you are otherwise ready to exit, we possess the specific skills needed to help entrepreneurs and family-owned companies prepare for a transition to outside buyers, the next generation of family members, or to your employees. Whatever strategy we design, it is crafted on our understanding of your unique business. We specialize in comprehensive, cost-effective solutions tailored for each individual client.